INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: HMY Group - The Retail Store Summit
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    HMY is the international leader in 360º global services and innovation for the retail sector. The group has a 60-year history of offering integral solutions for the engineering, manufacturing and assembly of furniture for retail, as well as consultancy, design and architecture services, site and project management and divisions specialising in new technologies and lighting.

    The HMY Group creates efficient and attractive sales spaces, offering innovative products, services and solutions to create a unique shopping experience. As a retail fit-out expert, HMY’s goal is to help its clients increase their sales by offering their consumers the best shopping experience. Utilising various manufacturing capabilities, it delivers innovative solutions to retailer’s worldwide, transforming retail spaces to create an unparalleled shopping experience for consumers.

    The business is a result of a merging process completed by a group of companies, determined to create a highly professional operator in the field of retail services. Its full range of services from creation of initial concepts to manufacturing and installation are adapted to the needs of clients. HMY creative solutions are specifically developed across all retail sectors’, ensuring the space is fully optimised to create the desired aesthetics and optimum retail sales potential.

    What differentiates HMY is its experience and analysis of the retail environment, industry trends and consumer behaviour. This approach allows the business to generate solutions that increase traffic and sales, bring about profitability and a rapid return on investment, heighten satisfaction with the purchasing process and build loyalty with the consumer.

    Thanks to its extensive experience in the various retail sectors (food, DIY, health & beauty, fashion, automobiles, telecommunications), HMY has a thorough knowledge of the consumer. This allows it to accompany its clients in their strategic decisions and to offer them an expert analysis of changes in trends and consumer habits that will also help them to improve their results.

    Today, the company covers more than 194 countries across 90 separate offices and employs over 4,500 staff worldwide. Over six decades, HMY has completed over 38,000 projects spanning across more than 3,400 clients around the globe.


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