Speakers - The Retail Store Summit


Zana Busby, Chief Consumer Psychologist, Retail Reflections

“Your Ultimate Key to Success: Cracking the Consumer Behaviour Code in the Post-Pandemic World”

Get on a fascinating discovery journey exploring the world of psychological secrets to the newly emerging consumer needs and trends that will help you differentiate your business as long-term winner.

  • The main emotions, attitudes and drivers of consumer behaviour;
  • Learn about the new consumer personality types and their traits;
  • Consumer expectations in the post-pandemic world;
  • The top strategy that will attract customers in the transformed world;
  • What is the biggest mistake you can make and how to avoid it?

Davy Pittoors, VM Coordinator, Louis Vuitton

Presentation Title: Visual Merchandising & Retail 2020

What can independent retailers learn from big brands?

  • Successful VM campaigns
  • Tips for developing VM projects
  • Current VM trends
  • Q&A